500 Random Dialogue Questions

Randomly generated question list. Refresh the page for different questions.

Question List
How selective am I in selecting topics to argue with you about? HDIFAT?
How well do I think I listen to God? HDIFAT?
HDIF about getting our next pet from the animal shelter?
What struggle are we currently facing that we need to learn from? HDIFAT?
HDIF about you reminding me to do things?
HDIF when I think about some of the crazy things we did for each other?
HDIF when I think about making a will?
HDIF telling you something I assume you do not want to hear?
HDIF when I leave angry words unspoken?
HDIF after hearing the story of the prodigal son?
God made you a part of my life. HDIFAT?
What does the way I spend my time tell me about my values? HDIFAT?
How long has it been since we called or wrote our prayer couple? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I think that you are judging me but keeping it to yourself?
What am I afraid of? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you really try to reach out and accept my emotions / feelings?
Am I filling my needs for love mostly in our relationship, or mostly elsewhere? HDIFAT?
Did we keep the true spirit of Christmas? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I experience growth in our sexual relationship?
When was the first time I knew you were the one for me? HDIFAT?
Do I express my emotions / feelings spontaneously? HDIFAT?
What part of the day would I most like to share with my people? HDIFAT?
HDIF being sprinkled with holy water?
Do our arguments get resolved to my satisfaction? HDIFAT?
When was the last time I really made you laugh? HDIFAT?
We have unfinished chores. HDIFAT?
What do I like best and least about our lovemaking? HDIFAT?
Do I believe life owes me? HDIFAT?
How often do we invite people over? HDIFAT?
I love you because _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about making each day Valentine's Day, at least for a while?
Do we keep a scrapbook of our marital memories? Why or why not? HDIFAT?
What was my biggest challenge in loving you today? HDIFAT?
What would it take for me to really commit myself to this marriage? HDIFAT?
Do I ever feel used in our lovemaking? What is this emotion / feeling like?
HDIF about my eventual death?
What helps me learn the most about my people? HDIFAT?
Do I give money or time willingly or grudgingly? HDIFAT?
What have I learned about you recently that surprised me? HDIFAT?
I make many of my decisions by _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF at social gatherings when I meet a lot of new faces?
Do we have a role to fulfill in other couples' relationships? HDIFAT?
Do make sure things are arranged, or just let things happen? HDIFAT?
HDIF while we are making love? HDIFAT?
HDIF about a walk in the moonlight with you?
Is your quality of life better or worst than 10 years ago? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are jealous?
HDIF about giving a month's worth of dialogue questions to a favorite couple?
HDIF when I listen to your gripes?
HDIF reading your favorite book?
HDIF when we see something we want but cannot afford?
HDIF when I let my emotions / feelings get the better of me?
HDIF about the coming of spring (or other season)?
Have I experienced Scripture or a sermon speaking directly to me? HDIFAT?
What unresolved problems do I see in our marriage right now? HDIFAT?
HDIF when time and exhaustion keep us from being lovers?
HDIF when some job or activity separates us?
HDIF when I am sleepy and you want to make love?
How are you a life-giving parent or grandparent? HDIFAT?
What specifically can I do this week to create a little more romance? HDIFAT?
HDIF when someone else gets the parking place I am waiting for?
HDIF when we are criticized for our beliefs?
What was the most tender moment we shared together this week? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you laugh at my jokes?
HDIF about the differences in the way we discipline our children?
HDIF about our closeness when we dialogue on Scripture?
When do I feel closest to my father? HDIFAT?
Do I believe we should share household tasks? HDIFAT?
HDIF when my people say no to God?
HDIF about our going out together alone more often?
Have I ever stepped on someone's toes to get where I want to be? HDIFAT?
What is my biggest challenge right now? HDIFAT?
What was the silliest thing I ever did with you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when friends fail to do a promised favor?
HDIF when we fight fairly? When we fight unfairly?
HDIF when good friends of mine move away?
Our parents are growing older. HDIFAT?
When I do not know something, what am I most likely to do: pretend I do, ask, or ignore it? HDIFAT?
What is my listening pattern when we talk about prayer or God? HDIFAT?
HDIF about living my daily life without to-do lists, using only my memory?
HDIF when friends offer to help?
HDIF when I think you are beating around the bush rather than giving me a straight answer?
I am lucky to be married to you. HDIFAT?
We are not Sacrament without passion. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I say good things about you to other people?
Do my thoughts make me happy or unhappy? HDIFAT?
HDIF being around people who are moody or depressed?
What would our children say about our marriage? HDIFAT?
How good am I at loving when I am not feeling loved?
Describe a time when I felt surprised. HDIFAT?
HDIF about putting you first when our children are so demanding?
HDIF about experimenting in our sexual relationship?
I have seniority at work. HDIFAT?
HDIF when we must borrow money?
How well do I think my people listen to me? HDIFAT?
If I could take you any place, where would I take you? HDIFAT?
What are your best qualities? HDIFAT?
HDIF when circumstances make me second guess one of my own decisions?
Do I measure my worth by what I own, or by those whose lives I have touched? HDIFAT?
When was the last time I made a conscious decision to love you? HDIFAT?
What is the level of our communication when we are home together? HDIFAT?
How many different jobs have I had in my life? HDIFAT?
HDIF knowing this could be your last day to live?
What new desires for our relationship have we gained this week? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you accept my emotions / feelings?
HDIF about sharing you with our children?
Have I affirmed my love for you today? HDIFAT?
When things are not going well between us, what do I think about? HDIFAT?
What can I do to contribute to our family having a good time on vacation? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I receive a card from you in the mail?
HDIF about our use of alcohol?
If our house were on fire, what one object would I most want to save? HDIFAT?
HDIF when your parents drop by unexpectedly?
HDIF when we have a candle-lit dinner?
Was there a time, in the past week, when I felt joy in our relationship? HDIFAT?
When I am lonely, what is the best thing someone can do for me? HDIFAT?
What couple has been the clearest sign of Sacrament for me? HDIFAT?
HDIF about making a list of our important documents and where we keep them?
HDIF when I hear, Love is not love until you give it away?
Do I think God led me to Encounter / Retrouvaille, or that Encounter / Retrouvaille led me to God? HDIFAT?
What gets in my way, preventing me from learning more about you? HDIFAT?
When am I most aware of God's presence? HDIFAT?
HDIF about learning to use a pistol or rifle?
Do I prefer the natural look or the more made-up look? HDIFAT?
HDIF knowing you love me?
HDIF about taking a walk you in the snow? In the rain?
Do we physically touch enough? HDIFAT?
HDIF about a receiving a challenge?
Am I available whenever you want to talk? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our ability or inability to have children?
Am I a saver or a spender with my money? HDIFAT?
What kind of listener was I before we experienced the weekend? HDIFAT?
What does it take for me to trust someone? HDIFAT?
What has the strongest positive influence on my sexual experience? HDIFAT?
HDIF about going to bed earlier or waking earlier so we have time for us?
What is my most vivid memory of our honeymoon? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see you after a long separation?
What thing or activity would it be difficult for me to give up and why? HDIFAT?
Where do I feel the need to be reconciled with you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I have to deal with my past?
Do I accept God's will? HDIFAT?
Do I see us as different from other couples? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my spirituality?
What gifts has God blessed me with? HDIFAT?
HDIF when someone hurts you?
Do I trust myself? HDIFAT?
What is the closest I have ever come to dying? HDIFAT?
Do I believe in myself? HDIFAT?
Can I put you before myself? HDIFAT?
Do I always have to learn by making my own mistakes? HDIFAT?
This week, what have I avoided talking to you about? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my attitudes about sex?
HDIF when someone rejects me or does not love me?
HDIF when I must explain my actions?
Do I let my low self-esteem get in the way of accepting God's love for me? HDIFAT?
My favorite memory of Christmas is _____. HDIFAT?
Am I a good friend? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I know we are going to have sex?
What bad effect has the example of my parents' relationship had on ours? HDIFAT?
What values of mine differ from my people? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are under pressure?
HDIF when you light candles?
Am I loud on blame and soft on praise, or the other way around? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I tell you more about my job or career?
HDIF when we read a book together?
HDIF when I ask your forgiveness?
After a fight: What have I learned about the way you handle conflict? HDIFAT?
Do I consult with my people when I am making plans? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we take time to wallpaper, paint or do other housework as a couple?
In what areas do I feel vulnerable to you? HDIFAT?
What do I remember most about the way we spent our first anniversary? HDIFAT?
What do my deeds say about me? HDIFAT?
Do I see God's plan for us as a privilege or a burden? HDIFAT?
HDIF about trying to make something beautiful with my hands?
After a fight: HDIF when we argue in front of our children?
Do I tear you down in order to build myself up? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I have completed a project?
HDIF about returning to the daily routine after a long weekend?
HDIF about the fun, or lack of fun, in our relationship?
HDIF when I make a sacrifice knowing Jesus sacrificed for me?
I am happy to be alive today because _____. HDIFAT?
Are we as close today as we used to be? HDIFAT?
HDIF when stress builds and you do not see the warning signals?
Do I give my best to our family or to others? HDIFAT?
Are we as romantic as we need to be? HDIFAT?
HDIF when someone blames me?
HDIF when I want to spend time with you, but you are too busy?
What do I remember most about our first date? HDIFAT?
What does being a parent mean to me? HDIFAT?
What compliment do I least like to receive about me? HDIFAT?
Do we pray for any of our children to be open to a religious calling? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I discover the assumptions I made about you are not true?
HDIF when I see you totally open to me in our lovemaking?
What would I like to do with you that we have never done before? HDIFAT?
Have we over extended ourselves as a couple? HDIFAT?
HDIF about picking up after our children?
Something new I have discovered about you is _____. HDIFAT?
When I am best I am _____. Can I be this way and be with you? HDIFAT?
When was the last time we gazed at a sunset, sunrise or starry night together? HDIFAT?
I see you as someone very special because _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about hiring help with yard work?
In what areas have we grown because of past failures? HDIFAT?
After a fight: Who got hurt? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you come home in the evening?
HDIF about our child's college plans?
How do I behave when my need for self-worth is not met? HDIFAT?
What quality do I look for in others that helps me believe I can trust them? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our pastor or spiritual director?
When do I feel pressured by you? HDIFAT?
When you go away on a business trip, I feel _____. HDIFAT?
Would I want our child to become a priest or minister? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I remember you in my prayers?
HDIF when I am asked to love, to give, or to forgive but will receive nothing in return?
What is my best quality? HDIFAT?
How do I behave when I am selfish? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our finances and the coming Holidays?
Do people generally find me even-tempered or mercurial? HDIFAT?
Is my life inspired by love? HDIFAT?
What family Christmas memory will I always remember? HDIFAT?
Jesus is risen! HDIFAT?
What qualities in your mother do I also see in you? HDIFAT?
Because of my familiarity with you, do I sometimes treat you with less respect than you deserve? HDIFAT?
How have I shown my love for you today? HDIFAT?
Where do I feel most alone in our relationship? HDIFAT?
We have no telephone. HDIFAT?
How well do I avoid temptation in my life? HDIFAT?
When I part with family or friends, do I make the effort to part with loving words in case I do not see them again? HDIFAT?
What was our favorite song when we were courting, and HDIF remembering or hearing it?
I enjoy our sexual relationship the most when _____. HDIFAT?
What changes in my relationship with my people have I taken for granted? HDIFAT?
HDIF when the bills are due, but we cannot afford to pay them?
Do we share our joys with others, and spread the good news, or do we celebrate alone? HDIFAT?
HDIF about how we handle our finances?
Do I do my best to give you more than you expect? HDIFAT?
After a fight: When did I feel most like ducking out? What was that emotion / feeling like?
If I were picking a wedding song for us today, I would choose _____. HDIFAT?
How do you most help me? HDIFAT?
When I think about living without you, HDIF?
HDIF about being seen as unsympathetic?
HDIF about how we decide whether to make love?
Do I have the attitude, Do not start something you cannot finish, and how does that affect our sexual relationship? HDIFAT?
How can we best celebrate our anniversary? HDIFAT?
On a scale of 1-10, how would I rate our sexual relationship? HDIFAT?
How did I choose my confirmation name? HDIFAT?
HDIF when our children reflect our good qualities?
HDIF about planting a vegetable garden?
Is it important to be at the Easter Vigil to welcome new members into our church? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you and I are in competition?
How does Christmas buying affect our relationship? HDIFAT?
How am I different from other priests / ministers? HDIFAT?
What does our relationship mean to me? HDIFAT?
Whom have I ministered to lately? Was I lifted up by their gratitude? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the freedom or lack of freedom I have in our relationship?
What does our church mean to me? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am driving very fast?
HDIF about paying bills on time?
Do I deny my mistakes, or do I learn from them? HDIFAT?
Has my love for you changed since we were first married? HDIFAT?
What were my emotions / feelings as we experienced the weekend finale on Sunday night? HDIFAT?
After a fight: Is there a way for us to deal with this in a more positive way? HDIFAT?
Have I ever gotten credit for something I did not do? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I think you are taking a superior attitude into our dialogues?
HDIF about sex being a decision?
HDIF when you brag on me?
The phone rings during dinner. HDIFAT?
Have I ever sent you flowers for no special reason? HDIFAT?
HDIF about demonstrating one of my unusual talents for you?
HDIF when I see Easter lilies?
Is Jesus my shepherd? HDIFAT?
HDIF about sharing emotions / feelings? Do I think it is risky?
What things crossed my mind this week that I have not bothered to mention? HDIFAT?
What prevents me from listening to you? HDIFAT?
When did we last experience healing in our marriage? What made it possible? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we attend a wedding ceremony together?
What are my thoughts when we pray together? HDIFAT?
What goodness do I see in you today? HDIFAT?
Are we a romantic couple? HDIFAT?
What is the first thing I would put in a dream box? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you smile?
Do I enjoy formal or informal gatherings? HDIFAT?
The couple that has most helped us to experience God's love is (or was) _____. HDIFAT?
Do I see the awareness of God alive in our children? HDIFAT?
Describe a time when I felt embarrassed. HDIFAT?
What lifetime dream am I still trying to realize? HDIFAT?
What qualities in Mary as a mother do I also see in you / me? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we wash dishes together?
With our children, am I more likely to be strict or permissive? HDIFAT?
After a fight: Did I let the fight ruin my whole day? HDIFAT?
HDIF when discussing our sex life?
What are my priorities? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I receive an unexpected gift?
What does maturity mean to me? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our pets?
If we had to wait 5 years to receive our wedding license, would we still have married? HDIFAT?
When our community reaches out to us, HDIF?
What image do I have of myself as your sexual partner? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am caught staring at someone?
HDIF just before I tell someone something they will not like to hear?
Would I feel better if someone found me practical or ingenious? HDIFAT?
How do I see God reflected in other people? HDIFAT?
Jesus will never give us more conflict than we can manage. HDIFAT?
What stands in the way of my making a genuine commitment to you? HDIFAT?
HDIF about God's plan for our friendships?
What do I think about our couple spirituality? HDIFAT?
HDIF when someone (not you) laughs at my mistakes?
What two adjectives best capture the real me? HDIFAT?
What is the most difficult part of our dialogue? HDIFAT?
What quality of Jesus did I see in our priest / pastor today? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you shut me off?
How can I reduce the level of stress in our relationship? HDIFAT?
Am I comfortable doing things at the last minute or is it hard on my nerves? HDIFAT?
What do I want our priorities as a couple to be? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I think people are looking at me, sizing me up?
Do I give you the gift of space? HDIFAT?
HDIF when a person answers the phone with enthusiasm and energy?
HDIF when I have to shovel the snow?
HDIF when I am with good friends?
HDIF when I have done all that I can do and must wait for results?
What do I see as my strengths? HDIFAT?
HDIF on those occasions when I think I am most in love with you?
HDIF when we are slow dancing?
HDIF when you fall asleep early in the evening?
HDIF when I hear myself say things my mother or father said?
If I could relive any moment from our past, what would it be? HDIFAT?
How have I caused you to suffer? HDIFAT?
After a fight: What subjects cause us the most trouble? HDIFAT?
What talent or quality do I most admire in you? HDIFAT?
How do I see our strengths as a couple? HDIFAT?
What about my relationship with God would I like to improve? HDIFAT?
How do I behave when my need for autonomy is not met? HDIFAT?
What do I need to hear you talk about in our sexual relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you serve me breakfast in bed?
Do I judge I have enough freedom? HDIFAT?
HDIF about flying?
HDIF about myself when I do well?
How would I feel discovering that you are hurting right now? HDIFAT?
HDIF about being in our sharing group?
Do we want a deeper loving marriage, or do we think it is deep enough? HDIFAT?
In what ways do I feel superior to you as a parent and HDIFAT?
Am I satisfied with our relationship as it is? If so, should I be? If not, why? HDIFAT?
Do I have relatives I should invite to experience the weekend? HDIFAT?
Are my priorities so materialistic that they interfere with us? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am around very important or powerful people?
HDIF when we miss dialogue for several days or weeks?
HDIF about the coming of Christ?
HDIF about living our marriage according to God's plan?
HDIF about our neighbors?
HDIF when people are not as loyal to me as I am to them?
What good do I see in our children? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we go to mass or church together?
HDIF when you are away and I miss you?
HDIF about your saying no to me in sex?
What helps me confess my weaknesses to you? HDIFAT?
What puts me in the mood? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we have so little private time together?
After a fight: What tender spots were touched and when? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we are too tired to be lovers?
HDIF about the time we spend with my family?
HDIF about contributing our time, talents, and support to the Encounter / Retrouvaille program?
HDIF when there is a last minute change of plans?
How are we growing closer or becoming more distant as a couple? HDIFAT?
In what ways does TV affect our family life? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am sexually aroused?
What quality do I most admire in your mother / father? HDIFAT?
Describe a time when I felt bored. HDIFAT?
HDIF about being seen as unreasonable?
When I am among new people, I feel _____ and I tend to _____. HDIFAT?
The two of us are a little church. HDIFAT?
HDIF about making New Year's resolutions?
Are we committed to dialogue every day? HDIFAT?
What do I see in my people that I admire? HDIFAT?
Does Lent remind me of our Encounter / Retrouvaille weekend? HDIFAT?
What about our lives would I like to change? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are holding me in your arms?
HDIF about bankers in general?
What am I most disappointed with in our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see you cry?
Do I have a nickname? HDIFAT?
When I am given things to do, am I more likely to accept them or complain about them? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I help you carry in the groceries?
Does our marriage lack vitality? HDIFAT?
What values, goals, or ideals will I absolutely not compromise? HDIFAT?
HDIF when our children are praised by strangers?
Is there anything I did this week that I regret? HDIFAT?
Do I believe romance is a sign of weakness? HDIFAT?
What percentage of my time do I spend thinking about you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I say no to you in sex?
HDIF when I shake out the rugs?
HDIF about past Christmases (As a child)? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am blamed for something that is my fault?
Have any of our dreams come true? HDIFAT?
Do our arguments ever escalate from routine matters to serious matters? HDIFAT?
I most need you to love me when _____. HDIFAT?
Have I ever run out of gas? HDIFAT?
Where would I most like to see growth in our relationship this year? HDIFAT?
Who has more fun, adults or children? HDIFAT?
If I become more committed to you, I might have to give up _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about the organization of my office space at work?
My greatest goal in life has been _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when you surprise me with something nice?
I am most likely to use exaggeration when _____. HDIFAT?
We stopped dialoguing altogether for a while. Why? HDIFAT?
A couple I would like to see experience the weekend is _____. HDIF about inviting them?
HDIF about how we live out our faith?
HDIF when I watch our children while you go shopping?
How well do I accept others outside of my community? HDIFAT?
In social situations, do I worry about saying something stupid or uninformed? HDIFAT?
HDIF after we dialogue?
What would happen to the church without the Sacrament of Matrimony? HDIFAT?
Recently, I thought it was wrong, unreasonable, thoughtless or selfish of me to say _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about our family vacation time?
HDIF about being called to the vocation of matrimony with you?
Do I have difficulty letting go of my parenting role now that our children are no longer at home? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you recognize my needs?
Describe my idea of a perfect romantic evening, start to finish. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I consider that you love me?
What part of the Passion is most significant to me? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you we'll see but I think you mean no?
Have I ever witnessed a miracle? HDIFAT?
Do I wake up feeling tired? HDIFAT?
After a fight: What starts our fights? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are sick and all of the family responsibilities fall on me?
HDIF when I am holding something back from you?
Do I trust God to answer my prayers? HDIFAT?
What gift have you given me in the past month that I have really appreciated? HDIFAT?
Is my body mine or yours? HDIFAT?
HDIF when the kids knock on the door when we are making love?
HDIF when you ask for my forgiveness?
How are we working for the coming of His kingdom? HDIFAT?
HDIF about grocery shopping?
What comments about myself am I most likely to take personally? HDIFAT?
HDIF about giving a list of dialogue questions to a favorite couple?
Has this been a good year or not? HDIFAT?
How do I react to pressure? How does my reaction affect you? HDIFAT?
HDIF about French kissing?
HDIF telling you something I assume you are not going to like?
What was the most meaningful experience that I had today? HDIFAT?
What is the riskiest thing I have ever done? HDIFAT?
What is my purpose in life? HDIFAT?
I find it useless to listen to you when _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about the ways I try to show you that you are special?
Do I use anger as a source of energy? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our last vacation?
Do I have a winning attitude even when I am losing? HDIFAT?
Our decisions are frequently _____. HDIFAT?
Have I ever witnessed a baby being born? HDIFAT?
HDIF about one of us becoming critically ill?
HDIF putting things off until the last minute?
HDIF when I am rushed into making an important decision?
How would I describe the awkwardness I feel when we talk about sex? HDIFAT?
Can I recognize when I am under stress? HDIFAT?
HDIF about your promotion potential?
HDIF about having a drink with friends?
When things piled up on me the worst, I felt _____. HDIFAT?
I think our next household project should be _____. HDIFAT?
What can I do to listen to you better? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I engage in self-pity?
When a couple we know gets divorced, I feel _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about our secret code?
HDIF when I find myself wishing you would keep your emotions / feelings to yourself?
Do I really believe that emotions / feelings are neither right nor wrong? HDIFAT?
HDIF about watching TV?
Do I sometimes make jokes that leave a critical or unpleasant aftertaste? HDIFAT?
Do I want a deeper relationship with God, or do I think it is deep enough? HDIFAT?
When our dialogue is alive and strong, so is our _____. HDIFAT?
Do I resemble the Father in all I do? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am the underdog?
What causes the most friction between us? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you say It is OK or Forget it instead of I forgive you.
Do I know when to be silent? HDIFAT?
Do I, like Thomas, question the way of the Lord? HDIFAT?
What is the biggest challenge facing us this week? HDIFAT?
What is it that most unites us? HDIFAT?
After a fight: What do I think was your main point? HDIFAT?
HDIF about taking a short trip with you?
HDIF when I surprise you with flowers?
What is my most embarrassing moment? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I realize that God has spoken, or is speaking, to me through you?
What year of my life would I like to relive? HDIFAT?
The Father knows me personally and has a plan for my life. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am refusing to make up?
HDIF when my life is disorderly?
HDIF when I think of you dying?
HDIF about sharing my failures?
What favorite weapon do I use when I do not fight fair? HDIFAT?
HDIF about chores around our house?
HDIF when you hug me after a rough day?
Do I want to fit in or stand out? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we take down Christmas decorations?
Death frightens me (or not). HDIFAT?
How am I living the World's Plan for my life? HDIFAT?
What gives me hope when I most need it? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see the stress building up in you?
Do I spend enough time with relatives? HDIFAT?
What do we do to help the nearby poor? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am hoping you keep your emotions / feelings to yourself?
When I want you to listen to me, do I also want you to agree with me? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I cannot say I am sorry?
What can I do for God that I have avoided doing? HDIFAT?
HDIF when sarcastic remarks are directed at me?